September News

October Event:Halloween Fun
Patsy and Alyssa Delgado have some Halloween fun planned for our next activity on October 15th at Boysville. Setup is at 9:30 and the activity begins at 10:00.
September Activity:Love the “YOU” that God Made
Lee and Gaby Pares led our activity this month on love and self-esteem. We were so excited when we arrived on Saturday morning, and we were joined by twenty wonderful volunteers ready to love on the girls.
We started the day with prayer and a reflection on the importance of self-love and what God defines as beautiful. The girls were SO excited to turn their white canvases into masterpieces. Using paints, stencils, and buttons, they each created pictures that reflected their personalities and would be perfect decorations for their rooms. It was very endearing to see the girls and volunteers interacting as if they’d been friends for a long time.
The girls were excited to eat their favorite snack – fruit smothered with chamoy and tajin (chili powder), along with cookies and special goodie bags made by this months’s leaders. To close the activity, Lee gave each girl handheld mirrors with inspiring messages on the back. Each girl looked in their mirror and repeated words of affirmation and self-love.
Thank you to all of our volunteers! Be assured that you made a positive difference in the girls’ lives by sharing yourselves.
We Need Monthly Activity Leaders for Next Year
Please be in prayer about your ability to help us continue to serve the girls at Boysville in 2017! As we prepare for the new year, we will need your help when we kick off our leader drive soon. Without volunteers stepping up to lead an activity one month a year, Chicktime San Antonio could not continue to show love and hope to these beautiful children of God.
Thankfully and joyfully!
Annette, Donnette and Letty
“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
– Saint Teresa of Calcutta