See You Soon!

April Update:

Chicktime seemed to FLY by today!

It was as if we fell down a ????rabbit hole???? to a world where our imagination ran wild for a couple of hours! We started our day off with a little tea party full of flowers, tea cups, sandwiches, and yummy dessert.

♟️Thank you, Ms. Christine for providing the yummy lunch!♟️

Next, we read Alice In Wonderland in 30 seconds (well, the fold out book said 30 seconds but we think it took longer LOL) and we attempted to crack riddles that were clearly written by the ????Mad Hatter???? because none of us could figure them out!

Finally, we finished our final afternoon with the ABCH kids off by making mini top hats that even the ❤️Red Queen❤️ would approve of! These kids are so incredibly artistic and the way they use their imagination is fascinating to watch!

Thank you to our volunteers who came today because we certainly could not do this without Y.O.U! We will see you in June! We are taking May off.