Scarecrows In The Garden

Chicktime Dothan will be participating in the Dothan Area Botanical Garden’s “Scarecrows In The Garden” so for Chicktime August, the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home kids and our volunteers will be getting creative! We will be designing our scarecrows that will be on display at the Gardens during the month of October! This year’s theme is “It’s Only Make Believe”. Our character building this month will be, “I Believe That I Am Someone Who Can Do Great Things” and will be presented by Michaela Jones. We hope to see you there!



July Update:

Chicktime July was a blast… literally! This month was all about science. Our first science experiment involved a small cup of water and one gummy bear. We left our gummy bears soaking in water during the afternoon and at the end Chicktime, the kids noticed that their bears had all expanded. We noted that osmosis is the reason for the expansion. Our next experiment had us making plastic out of milk and while it did not smell good and it was kind of gross… the girls really enjoyed seeing the final product shaped like their different cookie cutters! After we cleaned up our lab station, we did a simple experiment with oil & water. The girls quickly learned that they do not mix but they had fun making bubbles! Next, we incorporated a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) project into our afternoon, The kids had to make a spaghetti & marshmallow tower with only the supplies given. Who ever had the tallest tower at the end of eighteen minutes won a prize. L won the activity and got herself a gift card to Starbucks! Our final experiment of the day was homemade bottle rockets. Unfortunately, it didn’t go quite so as planned and of all the rockets we made, only one actually took flight… well, exploded… on Ms. Ashley! The girls loved trying to figure out different ways to make the rockets work.

Our character building lesson this month was all about finding the good in every situation. We talked about different techniques that we can do to help clear our minds during tough situations so that we can set ourselves up to find the good in it. We watched Marry Poppins tell us how sometimes we just need a spoonful of sugar to help us get the job done and it really helped the girls to understand a deeper meaning… life happens and sometimes, the best way to deal with it is to just smile and get the job done. We have to keep moving on so find a reason to say ‘good’ and work towards making it better next time. We capped off our lesson with a quick art project in which the girls colored a thunderstorm on one side of the card and a rainbow on the other. It was just a simple reminder that storms do come sometimes but there’s always a rainbow at the other end!


For a pdf version of our science experiments instructions and supplies needed, click here.