Where We Serve

Chicktime San Diego is proud to serve Casa de Amparo! The English Translation of Casa de Amparo is House of Protection. Here children who have suffered from the trauma of mistreatment are protected and given the tools and environment to heal and build healthy lives and relationships. Casa de Amparo has been a significant advocate for the welfare of children in San Diego County since 1978.  Their mission is to stop the cycle of abuse by educating families, and healing children to evolve from their past abuse in loving, healthy, stable environments through various programs and services. Boys and girls who have been removed from their homes are given a beautiful surrounding of 11.4 acres to thrive and nourish their minds, hearts, bodies and souls.  Here the children can reclaim their right to healthy childhood experiences through cultural outings, play, guidance, and constructive social interactions. They are also enrolled in therapeutic recreation programs, counseling, and are coached on life skills, career choices, and healthy nutrition. In addition to the counseling programs offered to the residents, Casa de Amparo also offers outpatient counseling. They help families reconcile tension and cope with stressful circumstances that can trigger the actions of abuse or neglect against their children and assist parents with positive and healthy parenting techniques. Families who have been separated from their children due to abuse or neglect are offered neutral, supervised, visits to ensure positive interactions and strengthen bonds mending relationships for future reunification.


For more info on other opportunities to serve Casa de Amparo, please contact 760-566-3559 or visit them online at casadeamparo.org today!