Meet the Leaders

Annette Goodson
Chicktime San Antonio Managing Leader

Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime: I was introduced to Chicktime several years ago by my friend and co-leader, Donnette Tyler. Once I saw the beautiful work that the Canyon Lake chapter was doing, I was so impressed by the impact that these ladies had on teen girls that were desperately in need of good female role models. When I heard that St. PJ’s was looking for a chapter, I just couldn’t say no to the opportunity to make an impact right here in the San Antonio Community. We later began volunteer work with pregnant and parenting teens at Casa de Milagros at Seton Home which was also a tremendously rewarding experience.

We feel blessed to partner up with Boysville,  a residential facility that serves Texas children. I am excited to be able to work with the teen girls that reside at Boysville and I know our volunteers will feel the same tremendous connection to this wonderful organization that I do.

I am always humbled by the generosity of the volunteers that come forward to lend their talents and share their time each month, for they are the hands and feet of Jesus. I cannot fully comprehend all of the things the children who live in these homes have had to endure. But, even if we are only able to spend a couple of hours with them each month, I hope that we leave them knowing that someone cares, that they are worthy of love and that there is hope for a better future.

My passions and gifts: Everyone tells me that my organizational skills are my strength.  My passion is to share my talents in a way that will make the world a better place. My dream is to end the cycle of poverty and abuse. Mother Theresa once said, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” I’m starting with Chicktime and we’ll go from there…

Hobbies and Interests: I have a husband, Stewart, and a son, Adam.  I’m a CPA with ATKG, LLP. My hobbies are yoga, cooking and baking. I’m also an avid foodie and love to try new restaurants. And, I’m very involved with my church, Shrine of St. Padre Pio.



Donnette Tyler
Chicktime San Antonio Co-Leader
Chicktime National Chapter Coordinator

Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime: My career as a Social Worker has opened my eyes to many injustices in this world. After retirement, God continued to pierce my heart about HIS work not being done and really has pushed me towards certain witnessing opportunities, one of them being Chicktime. I began volunteering with the very first Chicktime chapter in Canyon Lake and loved it so much that I started Chicktime San Antonio.

My passions and gifts: I have a gift of getting people to show up and try something new! I have such a passion about serving that I can’t stop thinking about others who would be great in certain areas of service and helping them step out of their comfort zone and discover why I thought of them in the first place!

Hobbies and Interests: My husband and I have been married for 30 years which has allowed us more time to enjoy spending more time together again since our children are grown. We love day trips, trying new craft breweries and restaurants. I love writing letters and sending cards to people through good ole snail mail .



Letty Rodela
Chicktime San Antonio Co-Leader

Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime: The Lord blessed me with 2 beautiful boys (now young men), so when the invitation came eight years ago to learn more about Chicktime, I jumped on it. It was a double blessing as it would be an opportunity to serve with women for women.

I was inspired by Lori Rhodes’ message. Her passion and determination of “encouraging women to develop their passions and use their gifts to make the world a better place for the next generation” nourished my desire to make a difference in young women’s lives one at a time. My involvement with Chicktime was sporadic at first, as my involvement at home was my primary responsibility. I learned not to feel guilty when I couldn’t participate, as Chicktime encouraged ‘no guilt’ volunteering. Slowly as time passed and my home responsibilities shifted, I attended the monthly events more often, and one month I decided to step up and volunteer to lead an activity.

Leading an activity proved to be very easy, and so fulfilling! It gave me the opportunity to reach out to my church sisters and encourage them to be involved too. We were already meeting on a monthly basis, and had often talked about serving, so this was a perfect fit. Each lady that has participated in Chicktime leaves a positive mark in the lives of the young ladies that we serve. For me, I have found that I am happiest and at peace when I am giving of myself; for “It is in giving that we receive” – St. Francis of Assisi

My passions and gifts: I have been gifted by our Lord with ears to listen, shoulders to lean on and the voice to encourage and I use these gifts to invite women to become involved and bloom where they are planted. As women, I’ve found that even though we are all very busy, we don’t feel fulfilled, and I’ve found that sometimes we just need an invitation to experience something new.

Hobbies and Interests: My husband, Edmund, of 21 years and our two sons, Jeremy and Dylan, are my primary interests. When we are not busy with them, I enjoy going to the movies, reading and attending Christian music concerts. I am also very involved with our church, Shrine of St. Padre Pio, in youth ministry and ACTS.

Chicktime San Antonio:
Volunteer Coordinator- Letty Rodella
Facebook Manager- Donnette Tyler
Website Monitor- Donnette Tyler
Calendar Manager- Annette Goodson
Treasurer- Annette Goodson
Rising Managing Leader- Donnette Tyler
Uplifter- Our Leadership Team cares deeply about our volunteers. If you ever find yourself needing a listening ear about anything going on in your life, remember you are never alone! We are your sisters! We take turns opening up our time to be there for you anytime for any reason so if you want to text or call anytime reach out to one of the leaders listed as a current Uplifter!