Where We Serve

Chicktime Hope does not serve a specific children’s home, but rather serves various ministries around San Antonio and the world! We love plugging women into multiple opportunities to serve, allowing them the option to do many things if they are interested, or helping them to find what they are passionate about and plugging them in and releasing them to follow their passions! We have a roster of over 100 women, and though they don’t all show up to everything, they have lots of options and opportunities to get involved!


6 times each year we participate in Changing Directions, a program at the San Antonio Municipal Courthouse that provides a program girls age 11-17 can attend in lieu of jail time for a first time minor offense.   Although there is no website for this program, it is one we are very proud to be a part of!

Here are some of the other ministry partners we are proud to serve each year:


Children’s Hunger Fund


Daily Bread


King’s Compassion


Globalife Journeys