Sample Chicktime Schedule

January Chick Leader: Melanie

Program 1: Melanie- Baking

Program 2: Brenda- Scrap booking


February Chick Leader: Rosa and Lexi

Program 1: Rosa & Lexi- card/stationary station

Program 2: Lisa- Aerobics Class


April Chick Leader: Jennifer and Erica

Program 1: Jennifer & Erica- pedicures

Program 2: Tammy, Taylor, and Hailey- mosaic cross making


May Chick Leader: Mari & Emily

Program 1: Mari & Emily- Handmade cards to soldiers

Program 2: Debra & Layne- Bunko


June Chick Leader Nancy and Alyssa

Program 1: Nancy- Yoga

Program 2: Alyssa- Journal Making


July Chick Leader Debi

Program 1: Debbie- quilting

Program 2: Kristin- flip flops


August Chick Leader Michele

Program 1: Soccer Clinic

Program 2: Softball Clinic


Sept. Chick Leader Natalie

Program 1: Career Choices

Program 2: Building Credit to buy a home


Oct. Chick Leader Kristin and Shannon

Program 1: Kristin & Shannon- Volleyball

Program 2: Katy and friends- Cheerleading


Nov. Chick Leader Jennifer, Divas, Cha-Chas

Program 1: Thanksgiving table decorations & Etiquette

Program 2: Thankful cards to American Soldiers


December Chick Leader Lori and Katy

Program 1: Praise band led by Melissa of Eagles Nest Christian Fellowship

Program 2: Santa Clause is coming to town, New Life Angels Group

Program 3: Christmas treats and refreshments!


The typical Chicktime Chapter meets monthly to serve at the children’s home or other facility that serves the abused and/or marginalized in our society.   The Chick Leader is typically responsible for all the materials and supplies needed for her month. It seems that the numbers of children Chicktime groups will serve varies from home to home, and even from month to month within the same facility. Our smallest home typically sends about 7 children a month to Chicktime and our largest home sends around 70 each month.


Please visit the chicktime.com calendar for current group events. You may register online to visit any chapter or contact the leader directly for more information.  We all value helping each other succeed!


FYI… it is okay and encouraged to repeat program topics each year, especially those well received by the children your group serves!


Chicktime Schedule Template.


The idea is to expose the girls to a wide array of gifts so that they can look inside themselves and identify their own. They may find through this process that they love something that they didn’t even know existed or that they originally thought they wouldn’t like.


Here are some fun ideas:


Scrap booking… the Chick Leader could lead the girls in creating their own scrapbooks or they could each create a page that would go into a scrapbook for someone else, like a military unit serving our country, a missionary group serving others or a cancer treatment center, just any group that needs encouragement, especially if the scrapbook pages were built around poems written by the girls on the subjects of joy, peace, love, hope, etc…


Creative writing… maybe this should come before the scrap booking!


Yoga… Zumba… Balldroom dancing






Volleyball, Basketball or any other sport!


Health and nutrition… someone with a gift for explaining in easy to understand terms why junk food isn’t our friend.


Ministry… we all need empowerment from other women encouraging us to live better lives! If we don’t have any one in our group that feels her gift is ministry, maybe someone in our group has the power of persuasion and could encourage an incredibly inspirational women’s leader to visit our group.


Cooking classes…




Changing a tire, or the oil for the car they will someday drive…


Balancing a checkbook or hearing community leaders tell their stories…


Pampering with manicures and/or pedicures…


The programs are only limited by the talents, gifts, and passion of your volunteers!!