SA Central has New Leadership!


Welcome to Chicktime San Antonio Central (a/k/a Chicktime SA Central). My name is Dawn and I am honored to present another Chicktime Chapter in the San Antonio area serving St. PJ’s Children’s Home. I have always had a passion of helping others and volunteering through Chicktime has provided me with the opportunity to feed that passion and help those in need.


I am a strong believer that every person can positively impact another individual’s life whether we are aware of that impact or not. This is why I love Maya Angelou’s quote, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This is so true in my personal life. My grandmother (pictured with me above) has been my biggest advocate and cheerleader in life. She has loved me, shown me grace and has been by my side through good times and bad times. She has inspired me to overcome personal obstacles and achieve my goals. Every child deserves a cheerleader like this in their life and someone to believe in them. Chicktime is a sisterhood of women within a community that share their love and compassion for others, and like my grandmother, strive to mentor and empower young girls.


My vision for Chicktime SA Central is for our chapter to ignite a spark of creativity and hope in every child’s life that we touch; to inspire and impact their lives in a positive manner and for our children to walk away from our events feeling empowered with a sense of belonging and love. We want our girls to dream big and think big! Chicktime is a great organization for anyone who would love to give back to their community and enjoy enriching the lives of women and children.


We welcome you to join our sisterhood and family. Please click the “subscribe” button below and fill out the web form to join our chapter by selecting San Antonio Central from the drop down menu. This will add you to our database and you will receive news updates and invitations to upcoming Chicktime SA Central volunteer opportunities. Please extend our invitation to join to your friends and family. **Please note that before serving St. PJ’s Children’s Home, you will be required by the center to fill out a few forms, including permission for the center to run a background check.


I look forward to serving alongside of you.


For more information, please contact: Dawn Gayden at chicktimesacentral@gmail.com