Rock Painting

June Update:

We had a wonderful time at The Bridge this past Saturday! Huge thank you to our workshop leader Ms. Ramona for bringing the kids diamond art crafts!
Initially our group started with 2 teens , as the majority of the kids had just had breakfast and wanted to get some fresh air for a while. But it wasn’t long before the whole group joined in! Our biggest group yet of 10 kiddos. We had several different characters for them to choose , from princesses, Pokémon to superheroes and ofcourse Yoda and Stitch!
There were so many different colored diamonds it allowed us to all communicate with each other in getting what we all needed and sharing them. Thankful to our volunteers Ms. Juanita, Ms. Josie and Ms Krystal who helped make sure everyone was getting the hang of it and helping out. Even RMYA staff got in on the fun and made their own art too!
The kids then got busy on their art pieces and we listened to some music. Our teens have a good ear for it! Even though it was all instrumental we had a girl calling the songs on the first beat! Everyone absolutely loved their finished pieces . We had some kids who were quick to finish so Ms Josie and Ms Krystal played go fish and speed card games.
We had a good assortment of treats for the kids and the enjoyed it!
We are so incredibly thankful we get the opportunity to hang out and show the kids how much they are loved. And we couldn’t do it without our workshop leaders and volunteers.
Hope to see you next time!