About Our Chapter

As a child, I never knew why abused ever happened to me. The only thing I knew was that it caused a lot of internal pain and I ended up reacting to it through my teens with aggressive and self-injurious behavior. I never saw hope or much “healthy” love until I met staff members from the placements I lived in, my friend’s parents, teachers, and pretty much strangers who I felt knew nothing about me. The truth is, those “strangers” have impacted me. They showed me that I was a worthy human being and that I could do whatever I set my mind to. This inspired me to be that somebody for someone else. It doesn’t matter what trauma someone has been through, everyone can have a good time and just socialize over the little things in life. I may not be able to solve everyone’s problem, but I can understand to an extent of how it feels to suffer. I want to show them that it is possible to move on no matter what. I have so much love for every abused/troubled child in the world. I have enough love for any colleague, friend, and even a stranger, that crosses my path. Many people don’t realize that a funny moment, comment, or a new fun experience, can change someone’s life. It did for me and therefore I want to be a part of Chicktime. I believe by starting this new chapter in my life that I can achieve my goal of making an impact in someone’s heart.

We invite you to join us! Please check our events page or the Chicktime calendar and sign up to join one of our monthly Chicktime workshops. To join our chapter and receive our invitations, click the ‘subscribe’ button below and follow the prompts to join Chicktime Rio Medina!

With Love,
Jessica Garcia
Chicktime Rio Medina Founder & Leader