Quilt Making!!

March Update:

Our March event was our first gathering with an additional home at Canopy Children’s Solution‘s. We were delighted to include a second house which increased our number of children from 10 to 28. Because there will always be girls on a pass and some on restriction, as well as, the constant flow of girls arriving and departing, It is never going to be possible to know the exact number of girls who will participate. Still what a blessing it is for us to speak into their lives.  Rose Ellen, one of our Chicktime co-leaders, organized the day!  She coached the girls into making beautiful sun catchers. Her testimony and encouragement was truly inspirational. Serveral of our ladies made delicious desserts and many girls voiced their hardy approval. One of the girls said, “You Gandmas can really cook!”.  A genuine compliment if ever we heard one. ? Of course, our group is made up of ladies from all backgrounds, ethnic groups and ages. Fourteen ladies came together for this event and were amazingly encouraging, as well as helpful serving and assisting with the craft. Our time there was very special, a memorable day for us and the girls. Thanks to all who participated and to the staff at Canopy for their wonderful support