Positive Affirmations Workshop

This is a four-part, in-depth workshop on the power of positive affirmations. 
Each part will be broken down with instructions. 
Most of the supplies can be purchased at Dollar Tree.



Strips of Paper
Writing Utensils


At the start of the workshop, strips of paper were handed out to the girls to write down all the negative things that hold them down….only they would see the list. The girls were asked to fold the strips of paper and put them in a cup.

Ice Breaker


Hand-Held Mirror
List of Positive Affirmations


Gather the papers and tell the girls to now focus on the reason Chicktime is there… to teach them about positive affirmations and how they can help them to move forward … dream big…and claim who they were called to be.  Share personal things that have weighed heavy on your heart and have kept you from reaching your dreams at times. Then explain how positive affirmations changed your heart and attitude. To help the girls practice making positive affirmations, pass a mirror around so the girls can look in the mirror and loudly proclaim affirmations they want to make. Have a list of positive affirmations to assist them if needed.



Positive Affirmations Craft

Stickers/Jewels (Dollar Tree has a ton, but Amazon has positive affirmation stickers)
Mod Podge
Sponge Brushes
Polaroid Camera


Use a Polaroid Camera and have volunteers help take pictures of all the girls .
The craft of the day is to paste that picture in the middle of a canvas and use stickers above the picture to spell out – I AM… Then the girls will create a positive affirmation canvas with the picture as thecenter focus! The conversations between volunteers and girls during this activity can be amazingly FABULOUS and REAL!

Click here for a link to help with the discussion!

Positive Affirmation Snack

A homemade cookie cake with positive affirmations on it was shared with lemonade!


Then make a symbolic gesture of tearing up the strips of paper with the negative thoughts the girls wrote out to tell the girls those thoughts no longer have a hold on them.

Here are the printable directions to this uplifting workshop!