Pool Noodle Pumpkins!

Pool Noodle Pumpkins


Pool Noodles
Thick Yarn 
Fake Moss
Crochet Needles
Hot Glue Guns & Hot Glue Sticks
Stick for stem of pumpkin



 Cut the pool noodle in 3”, 4”, and 5” sections to make a set. This gave me four sets from one DT pool noodle.
Tie the yarn on a tight knot around the hook of a crochet needle to help pull the yarn through the center of the noodle.
On your first loop, pull a large amount of yarn through (don’t cut yet).
Continue to wrap the yarn around the outside and through the center of the noodle.
If you run out of yarn from the large section you pulled through and need more, wrap the other end that is still connected completely around (not through the center) until the exposed noodle is covered.
Then cut.
Reattach the new end to the crochet needle and continue wrapping.
Once the noodle is completely covered, tuck the ends in the center.
On the bottom where you have tucked in, put some hot glue to keep the ends in place.
On the top, put some hot glue inside and push your stick in.
Finally, put a small circle of hot glue around the top and attach some moss.
Voila! I made a few sets this weekend.
Once I figured out to use the crochet needle, it was quick! Only about 45 minutes for a set of 3.



Click here for the printable instructions for this cute craft!