Parents Night Out!

Who doesn’t need a parents night out from time to time?!?! With Christmas right around the corner, we are happy to offer this opportunity to our community and raise some funds for our charity partner, the Pregnancy Help Center at the same time!

$20.00 for one child, $15.00 for the second, and $10.00 each child after.

All children must be potty trained and under 13 years old.

Your kiddos will enjoy play time, games, crafts, a movie, and a kid friendly buffet!

Please TEXT Lynn DeLaRosa at 615-476-8197 for more information, and to let us know how many kids to expect.

All parents/guardians will need to sign a release of liability containing allergy and emergency contact information prior to leaving their children. This is not put on by First Baptist Church. Please direct any questions or concerns to Alicia Hoffman, Director of the Pregnancy Help Center at 615-281-8054.

To volunteer for this event, contact Renee at carthage@chicktime.com today!


November Update:

Tonight Chicktime Carthage got the chance to see and feel the impact we have on our charity partner. For the first time, we opened our workshop to the public. Giving us the chance to interact with the confidential clients of the Pregnancy Help Center unknowingly. We had 7 adults and 6 kids (not including the beautiful baby) attend our Stress Management 101 Workshop. Each was given a take-home workbook and the kids got one too tailored just for them! Chapter Leader Renee Smith walked everyone through the PowerPoint that broke stress management down in easy to understand ways, even with the technical difficulties the class was able to follow along. After a quick snack, the true fun began.

The art of making stress balls was taught. Everyone got their hands dirty and oh what fun it was! By creating our own playdoh easily with cornstarch and conditioner. Volunteer Joyce Brown assisted the kids with teaching them how to knead the doughy mixture until it became a soft pliable ball just like store bought playdoh. We pushed the dough into a balloon and tied it off tightly. Stress ball complete!

Watching the joy on the adult’s faces as they were able to connect with each other and got back in touch with their inner kid was just as beautiful as the excitement and shear joy I saw in each child’s eyes as they learned to create something of their own. As we started to clean up, the nine year old little boy sweetly asked me how to use his workbook and when he needed to use his stress ball. So I sat down with him and his sister and walked through the child’s stress management workbook. It contains in simple terms what stress is to a child, various ways they can understand it and even includes worksheets for them to use. I showed him the star breathing method that he can do at anytime he felt stressed or upset simply by using his finger to follow along the pattern of the star and breathing in, holding, and then breathing out. He was really excited about the journal piece in the back.

Tonight we gifted a mom-to-be with her very own Chicktime shirt. She seemed a little shy about it but accepted it anyway. I told her we would love to see her come back again. It’s funny, even the kids were asking when the next workshop would be and what we would be doing. Truthfully, Chicktime Carthage was struggling. Because of the unique nature and confidentiality of our charity partner, we weren’t able to have any real connection of the heart with what we were doing. I was hesitant at first about opening what we do up to the public but in all honesty it’s probably the greatest thing we’ve done thus far. And now the possibilities are endless.