Painting Winter Mugs!

December Update:

For the month of December our chapter usually does not have a monthly activity. Instead we ask our friends and family for Christmas gift donations. At Chicktime San Antonio Central, we did just that.
Oh boy, did YOU all deliver! We received so many gifts! We cannot express how thankful we are to everyone who donated! We even had the opportunity to provide the kids a catered lunch because of YOU all! We had a Olive Garden pasta feast ????
The kids at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives were so happy! It was so nice to see such joy in their faces. We couldn’t have done it without YOU all.
Thank YOU again to all who donated. It’s great to see how many people support our cause. This made us realize that we have a much larger support system than we realized!
Today, YOU have made a positive impact on a child’s life. They see that YOU care. YOU made them feel like they matter. YOU are making a difference! And we thank YOU from the bottom of our hearts for this.
Until next year! Peace! ✌️❤️
-Selina and Kry