Painting Fun!

December Update:

Our Christmas party with our girls at Chicktime was absolutely perfect. We not only enjoyed great food and gave gifts to the girls from their own wish list but they prayed to receive the greatest gift of all Jesus Christ!!! There was such a sweet presence of God. We enjoyed our time together immensely, we opened gifts, ate party foods, decorated and visited! The girls decorated gingerbread men baked just for them by Pam Ulrich and created the most wonderful Christmas candies from scratch also from Pam’s kitchen, our Chicktime baker extraordinare. The also decorated gingerbread houses! We had a full three hours of fun and can’t wait to see them next month for more of the same.
Jeanette joined us for her first time as a Chicktime member. Welcome aboard Jeanette! See you all again Sunday, January 21, 1:40 PM!