October News


positive thinking 


We will be meeting at Colbert County Sherriffs Youth Ranch on October 21, 2013 to talk with the girls about Positive Thinking!  We will be making name plaques for each of the girls.  We will also be putting together hats for the pre-mature babies at Hunstville Hospital.  We will have the positive quote “Just keep swimming” on each hat!  We will also be painting rocks for our positive thinking project.  We will be delivering these rocks to random people to get a smile on their face.  We are asking that if you recieve one of our “Positive Rocks” then you take a picture of it and link it on our facebook page!!!

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt
September Highlights
“Find people who share your values, and you’ll conquer the world together.”
John Ratzenberger
 We had a great time at our first meeting on September 16, 2013!  We met the girls and played a “name guessing” game.  We then got to know each other a little better with our “Toss and Talk” ball!  It took them a minute to open up, but after that, they were eager to speak!  We talked about healthy vs unhealthy relationships.  We all went around and allowed the girls to comment one by one on a healthy or unhealthy relationship.  It was interesting to see their thoughts on this.  We then worked on our personal value system.  The girls got 5 bracelets to go on their left wrist.  Each time that they say something nice to someone, or do anything that they feel that they need a pat on the back for, then they will move a bracelet from their left wrist to their right one.  The “left wrist” is for their goals, and their “right wrist” is for their acheivements.  The girls really enjoyed this concept. 


We also hosted our First Annual Chicktime Co-Ed Softball Tournament at Sloss Lake in Russellville Alabama on September 14, 2013.  We had six teams that committed to playing (The Tharptown Gang, Backyard Bulliez, Outlaws, Tri-Cities Bandits, Bakers Trucking, and the Killer Beez).  We gave away door prizes and had some great music to get our ball players pumped up!  We had handouts on facts about Child Abuse, and Sexual Abuse Issues.  Everyone was wearing our blue ribbon (Child Abuse Prevention) that we made to help support the cause to raise awareness on Child Abuse.  We had our Chicktime crew assisting with the tournament, and even having some fun themselves, dancing with the music.  We had many supporters to come out.  I even got commitments for next years tournament!  Contrats to the Tri-Cities Bandits for their First Place Victory!!!