October News

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September Update

Fit for life was the theme this month.  Lora Williams put together a team of workshop leaders that shared their own personal experience to show the young girls at New Life hope for the future.  Lora led the Holistically Fit station where she and her sister talked about growing up in a culture of drugs and abuse and what they are doing today.  They explained that the past and what happened in it does not define who you choose to be.  The session had lots of laughter and tears. Diane talked to the girls about how to Identify Unhealthy Relationships.  This was valuable and thought provoking information for all of us.  Finally, Jarisha shared God’s Love for You.  Here story is one to which so many of the girls and volunteers can relate.  Thank you to our excellent leaders and volunteers for making it a positive and hopeful Chicktime experience for the girls.