October News


September Update

     Patricia Goodwill was our September leader and what a fabulous day she had planned for us.  In the Chapel, Jennifer and her lovely daughter lead us in a sing-a-long and dancing.  There was so much great energy as she led us in upbeat Christian music.  As one volunteer shared, this was the most fun she had all week.

     Marlene and Carol showed us how to make bags from cut up jeans.  Some of the girls had never sewn before and really did a great job sewing the bags and decorating them with embellishments.

     In the Life Skills building, Darlene talked to the girls about Jesus and maintaining a positive outlook as we navigate through the challenges in our daily lives.  We put together puzzles with key words that show strength and affirmations.  We also enjoyed making our own snack mix with lots of fruits, cereals, and other delicious items.

     Tana and her talented daughter Lucy shared their talent for loom bracelet making with all of us.  The girls enjoyed all the bright colors and were quite skilled at making a variety of beautiful stretch bracelets.

     Special thanks to our new volunteers from the Texas State University chapter of Chi Beta Delta.  They did a great job assisting the leaders and also engaging with the girls at New Life.