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image craft month march chicktime promoMarch madness is upon us – The children at St. Jude’s will be busy with madness doing crafts! Afterall March is name the National Month for Crafts. More details are to come however check out our event calendar search by Nv- Las Vegas to view most current info!


January/February Highlights

Woking on getting our media uploaded to share with everyone. This was such a great time. Sitting all together sharing stories, making cookies for one another, laughing, sneaking candies in our mouths ahahaha! – Every child received a small stuffed beanie baby so everyone would have a valentine for February – some children decided that they’d wanted to share to another for Valentine’s. Thank you LINDA – Epic event to start the year.


The beautiful Linda Zimmerman is kicking off our New Year in January! This year we vowed to make it an uncommon year. Reach out & grow – explore new levels of potential. Linda is taking this to heart by starting with a pizza party! Each table/ home will share great things of last year and new things they’re looking toward this year! After we fill our belly’s we will be geared up for some decorating because this time the children will decorate their own cookies… not just any cookies but Valentine inspired cookies! The children will be asked to decorate three – one to eat, one for later and one for a Chicktime Lady! 2013 CTLV here we come!


December Highlights* Special Update

Nevada Lights was amazing. Thank you to ALL who shared in the festivities. Our ranch really had success thanks to our eclectic Las Vegas Community. At this time I would personally like to share a project of inspiration I was personally apart of; My too many wonderful words to describe company MGM Resorts Intl. produced an all employee inspired show for our fellow employees. The show was called Inspiring Our World. We performed in December. Please view the pics and just know that MGM Resorts Intl. Volunteer Match program is the reason why I was able to connect with Chicktime and start a magical chapter here in the amazing Las Vegas City with the guidance and blessing of Lori Rhodes!

Amazing Cast party Fellow cast mate singer dancer Fellow cast mate Full Cast IOW Inspire Our World Embrace Diversity Inspire Our World IOW Giving IOW Ready to perform sawa bona Volunteer Match IOW We did it!

Enjoy your Holiday – December is booked up! Please visit and support St. Jude’s Ranch on December 8th and 9th for the exhilirating Nevada Lights. The event will be packed with glistening lights, Christmas Trees, exciting auctions and an awesome combination of food to fill up on!


November Highlights


What a BLaSt!!! The Children had a wonderful time expressing their artistic talents by handpainting their own Christmas Ornaments! Afterward we enjoyed a delicious slice of pizza and a sinfully sweet cupcake! Thank you to Jill Springer who made November such a blast for the children. They loved the gift bags you handed out! Each child had the choice to enjoy the gift or re-gift it to another! What a great concept!

The first set all ready to be sealed and dated!

The first set all ready to be sealed and dated!

Messy Please!

Messy Please!

So much Excitement

So much Excitement





Ladies, watch this page for exciting news regarding our upcoming events at Chicktime Las Vegas!



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