November News





Come join us on November 18, 2013 @ Fame Ranch @ 5:00 PM as we gather with the girls and write letters to our military families to show our love and appreciation.  We will also be making a “Giving Thanks” wreath.  We will have the girls write a message on a leaf about who or what they give “Thanks” to.  We will then construct a wreath with the items that they make!  Lots of FUN!!!  We welcome you to come and join us as we make a difference in the lives of the people that we touch!


October Highlights


We had a blast in October!  We met with the girls and talked about positive thinking, and the impression that you can make on other by using positive words to inspire another person.  We started with  “Name Art”  We sat the girls down with a piece of paper with their names on it.  They started off by writing somehting positive about themselves on the paper.  They then rotated it around in a circle until every girl wrote a postive saying on the named persons paper.  This became a beautiful keepsake to remind them of how wonderful they are to themselves and others.

We then worked on our “positive thinking rocks.”  We took some rocks and decorated them with color.  We put them in ziploc bags with a positive saying in each bag.  It also came with a card that said, “I hope this rock put a smile on your face, I hope it came to the right person or place, Take a picture of it and put it on our FACEBOOK PAGE so we will know it made your day!  Then randomly/secretly drop it off with someone else to make their day!!!”  Our chicktime member then randomly/secretly dropped off about 200 of these rocks!  I sure hope it made some people smile!  I am hoping that this will also gain us some new members!!!!  Hope you enjoyed yourself!!!