November Prayer Requests – From By The Hand Club for Kids

Please keep the following November requests in your prayers!


1.    8th grade high school assessments – Pray for all our 8th graders who will be taking the high school assessment test in the next few weeks. Pray that they would be prepared, that they would be able to recall all that they have learned and that they would take a hold of their future!


2.    Altgeld staff – Pray that our Altgeld staff would be encouraged and have divine patience with each other, the kids and the parents. Pray that the fruits of the Spirit would be increasingly evident in every situation that our staff find themselves in.


3.    Classroom Assistants – Pray for our Assistants at each location. Pray that they would be growing in knowledge of God and that they would be passionately in love with the Father. Pray that as an overflow of this increased love that they would gain more authority with the kids and be steadfast in their commitment.


4.    Cabrini Site Director – Praise the LORD for a new Cabrini Site Director that will begin in January! Please pray for his transition.


5.    Cabrini attendance – Our Cabrini site is reaching out to make additional partnerships with local schools. Pray that these partnerships are strong and that our attendance and enrollment in blessed.


6.    Grace for Team Leaders, CBK/CCK Coaches, Volunteer Department and Fund Development – Please pray for grace for direct service staff to deliver high quality programming for our youth.  Pray for grace for directors and leaders to support, encourage, and model for staff to help produce high quality programming.


7.    8 year old in Austin – Please pray for an 8 year old child in Austin who struggles with bullying and being bullied. She is quickly acquiring a name for herself as a fighter. Pray against this stronghold in her life.