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November invite 2015

My heart has been aching lately. Up until going to service Sunday night I thought that I was going to drown in the depths of loneliness and confusion. In moments such as this, I try not to lean on my own understanding for it sinks me lower in desperation of braking free from the weighted human limitations of making sense of voids meant only for God to fill. I do my best to entrust my life with him and do what makes my heart beat. Yet, with so much undecided things I cling to know the answers to, I seem to walk away from that will and force outcomes that are suited to satisfy my own self. When really we are on this earth to serve, love, and show mercy and grace as it was done for us. This is why I choose to keep faithful because a life of servitude is where I find purpose and meaning.
I look back at that teenage girl I once was. I never thought I would become the woman I am today. I made a lot of stupid decisions and some really great ones, but I believe the whole time I believed in a better life than the one that was modeled for me. With that and shedding the victim mentality, I became unstuck on myself, my perception of myself grew more defined and clear. My life gained momentum toward purpose and making a difference in this world. I have come to see that the more of myself I give, the more I am built up. I am not talking about burning out and not fulfilling  your basic physical, mental and emotional needs at the expense of helping others, but to choose every day to serve people that you live with, work with and are in community with a smile and kindness may be just enough.
Chicks of Chicktime thank you for being the great givers you are. Your spirits and love for our girls uplifts me and motivates me to keep leading this chapter. I know sometimes it can be discouraging if things do not exceed or meet our expectations of our service. But that is the wrong focus perhaps to have. Of course we are all touched by the events and connections we build with the girls, but maybe the right focus is how are we building God’s Kingdom through our giving? I know I can get stuck on myself and my anticipation of an event going a particular way. Let’s be free in our serving and just love and give what we can. I love you all and could not be more grateful for all of you in my life. See you at the next event.