November News



November News


Our next event:
Saturday, November 23rd @ 11am – 2pm
Check the Events Calendar for address.


We are planning to partake in Thanksgiving dinner with the girls.  The leaders will provide the meat of choice (turkey, chicken, ham) and the girls want to prepare the side items once we arrive, so are we are asking each member of our chapter that is planning to attend to provide an item (dessert, drinks, snacks, or a side item that can be prepared with the girls, etc). Leader Sophie will communicate with the house to find out what type of side items the girls want to prepare with us and we will forward this information on to the rest of the group by 11/9 to allow enough purchase time.  We will also discuss what we are all thankful for in our lives. Please register under the Events Calendar on the Chicktime website so we can have an accurate headcount of how many members plan to attend this event.


If you have any other suggestions on other activities we can do on this day, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing you all next month. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact Ralitza (Ritzy) at rali.spassova@gmail.com or Denise at denise@fwchicktime@gmail.com.


October Highlights


This month’s event was pumpkin painting and carving in honor of Halloween. We decorated pumpkins with the girls can carved out a large pumpkin for the house to place at the front door.  Co-leader Ritzy added her culinary skills and roasted the leftover pumpkins seeds as an added treat for the girls.  We had a blast!!! More pictures posted on our Chicktime Fort Worth Facebook page.  Click link at top of page.