New Year means New Fun!

December Update:

Y’all our volunteers ROCKED the task of not only getting dirty Santa gifts to play at our workshop but went they. Went. All. Freaking. Out! Backpacks overflowing with things they could call their own, journals, hand sewn pillowcases to lay their heads on no matter where they are, candy of course, sleek skinny tumblers with motivational stickers and affirmations, pends, lotions, blankets, etc.
They loved them and were so excited with remarks and squeals of delight of, “This is just for me?!”
How often we take things like that for granted. Simple pleasures in life. I’m so happy that we could be fortunate enough to give them gifts.
We talked and a couple opened up with the much smaller group as we made our own ornaments. It was a short visit but such a good and happy one. We can’t wait for January!