Meet The Leaders

For each leader of your chapter, please post a recent photo, your contact information and the answers to our three survey questions: (by leader, we do not mean the monthly leaders, rather the chapter founder if she is still leading and the one or two other women who serve with her to ensure the operation of the chapter)


Why I Serve a leadership role with Chicktime

My Passions and Gifts

Hobbies and Interests



If you do this for each of your leaders, it will allow your volunteers to get familiar with you more easily, as well as inform future volunteers.


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Sample Meet the Leaders

Executive board at golf tourney

Jennifer Clarke, Terri Watts, Lori Rhodes




Lori Rhodes

Chicktime Canyon Lake Founder/chapter leader

Lori@MLRhodes.com 830-708-4254



Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

First of all, let me say that I serve on the leadership team of the Canyon Lake chapter for very different reasons than I serve Chicktime, Inc (our parent organization). For the Canyon Lake chapter, I serve because I love the camaraderie of the productive chaos of Chicktime mornings at New Life ( a home for 80 girls in residential treatment).  Of course the children are incredible and I feel blessed beyond measure when I spend time with them, but I don’t need Chicktime for that… there are children in need of love and care every moment of every day. I love problem solving and we always seem to have a frantic crisis while navigating our mornings utilizing rooms throughout the massive campus… Someone gets locked out, no soap in the kitchen, not enough of the chocolate snacks. I know these things sound silly but it makes me happy to be needed. I’ve been there so long… I know where to find the man with the keys, where they keep the stash of soap, and have the guts to multiply the chocolate by cutting them all in half! I feel like my presence lets the leaders focus on their programs, I feel like I bring peace to the process. I enjoy being the gopher. The reason I ‘do’ Chicktime every single day in my role as founder and president of Chicktime, Inc… I feel called by my God. He has shown me that every woman on this planet has an incredible gifting meant to serve her local and/or global community. I am dedicated to loving each and everyone by using what He has given me to help ‘her’ go where He is calling her to go.


My passions and gifts:

I like to organize processes. I like to create processes. I serve our chapter and Chicktime, Inc. by coming up with ways to accomplish what we set out to do. I’m also a visionary, I see clearly where Chicktime is going and I hope that I help our members and leaders see that too… so that they understand their part  is a piece of a bigger story… The story of hope and restoration for the children (and the widows, the abused, and the broken people) we serve… and each other.


Hobbies and Interests:

I am married to the most magnificent (and sometimes trying) man on planet earth! Mike and I have been married for 22 years and have three children, two in college and one still at home. I love to read and write, tend my gardens, keep my home, hill country drives, listen to music and rock on my porch! My happiest days are spent doing absolutely nothing while hanging out with my family and friends. I am very interested in people and helping them discover what they were meant to do with their lives. I’m selfish really, I want the next generation to have a better world and that can’t happen if the current generation isn’t fulfilling their potential. I really want  people to find true happiness and that can’t happen if they are living frustrated unfulfilled lives. I just truly enjoy helping people.




Terri Watts

Chicktime Canyon Lake chapter leader




Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

I enjoy serving along side women who lovingly use their time, talent and treasure to help bring a smile to a hurting world.


My passions and gifts:

My passion is service. If a volunteer is needed, I am usually the first to raise my hand. Chicktime has allowed me to empower girls who may have been robbed of their sense of self-worth. Everyone has something to give and when we give we receive joy in return.


Hobbies and Interests:

I am married and have two beautiful children. I enjoy camping with my family and working in my yard.



Jennifer Clarke

Chicktime Canyon Lake chapter leader




Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

A life of trials and challenges has brought me to a place of restoration and wholeness through my involvement with Chicktime and especially the beautiful girls at New Life Children’s Center where we serve.  The redeeming goodness that happens daily at this home is a constant reminder of my subconscious need to be a part of this amazing journey.


My passions and gifts:

Listening to the wise and gifted as they call your name to walk alongside them in an eternal mission, appearing organized but getting the job done nonetheless, hospitality.


Hobbies and Interests:

I have been blessed with a marriage to the same God fearing man for 21 years and we have 2 children, one in college and the other in high school.  My greatest accomplishment is these 2 precious gifts from God.  Time connecting as a servant for God, as a wife to my husband, as a mom to my children and as a woman with girlfriends are all high on my interest list.  I am thankful that I live to fill each of these roles while here on earth.