Meet The Leaders

Holly Stewart
Chicktime Nashville Founder & Leader
Why I Serve a Leadership Role With Chicktime:
I serve a leadership role with Chicktime because I want to lay the path for everyone who wants to make a difference for children everywhere. I want to share the love I feel from God every day with kids who haven’t had the same experience.
My Hobbies and Interests:
My hobbies and interests include : writing, Crafting, football mom, scouts, and my extracurricular Kids workshop with the Home Depot.
My Passions and Gifts:
My passions and gifts are social interactions, helping our homeless and less fortunate, and sharing the love God has given to me with whoever I meet.
Renee Sunshine Smith
Chicktime Chapter Co-Leader
Why I Serve a Leadership Role With Chicktime:
I serve because God built me with a heart to serve! I longed for more children of my own but God saw it as His perfect plan to give me many children in the form of volunteering with foster youth. They are my babies! Lastly, I serve to be an example to the kids we work with as well as my own. They have beautiful wonderful gifts and they NEED to share it with the world. 
My Hobbies and Interests:
My Hobbies and Interests: GIVE. ME. ALL . THE. THINGS! I am a maker by heart so crafting and decorating are my jam. Family and friends are my life! I love to hike all over Tennessee, volunteer at my church, write blogs, take lots of pictures, and run my three businesses; photography, accessory/home decor shop, and virtual assistant. I also work for a company remotely that I love as a project manager.
My Passions and Gifts:
 I am a self-taught photographer, event planner, decorator, jewelry maker, crafter, and bible teacher. I connect well with others because I listen…a lot. I have a keen intuition in discerning emotions and why we do what we do as imperfect humans and how our experiences shape us. I am a strong proponent of all things mental health and human design.

Laura Strausberg
Chicktime Chapter Co-Leader
Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
My leadership role at Chicktime is driven by my innate abilities in leadership, strategic execution, and a deep passion for service. With over two years of dedicated volunteering with Chicktime, I am enthusiastic about taking on additional responsibilities. Despite not having children, an intuitive calling guided me to focus on serving children, and that same week, I discovered Chicktime.. As an executive in my day job, I also bring experience volunteering and serving in leadership for not-for-profits. My unwavering commitment to leadership, relationship-building, and making a positive impact aligns with Chicktime’s mission of encouraging women to develop their passions and use their gifts to make the world a better place for the next generation. I have a heartfelt dedication to supporting those healing from trauma.
My Hobbies and Interests:
As a devoted animal lover, I share my home with three dogs, a cat, and four horses, finding immense joy in caring for and riding them. Dancing is another passion of mine, providing a creative and expressive outlet. I thrive on exploration and travel, always seeking new experiences and perspectives. Additionally, I enjoy creating gatherings that bring people together, fostering connections and shared moments of joy.
My Passions and Gifts:
My passions and gifts lie in listening, seeing the big picture, and driving transformationat both organizational and personal levels. I’m dedicated to continuous improvement and excel in designing impactful learning experiences. My joy comes from helping people realize their highest potential

 Chicktime Nashville:

Volunteer Coordinator- Renee Smith
Facebook Manager- Renee Smith
Website Monitor- Laura Strausberg
Calendar Manager- Holly Smith/Laura 
Treasurer- Holly Stewart
Rising Managing Leader-Renee Smith