Monday Funday!!


December Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime December! Fun was had by all at the Transitional Living Center!

Stephanie is a dedicated volunteer chick and future public speaker

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like some sweet & spicy wings! (No sauce was dripped in the making of this photo.)

Thank you Big Mama’s BBQ for supplying our delicious treats for Chicktime St. Louis. The chicks loved everything!

Cammi’s oreo shake concoction kicked in!

Big Mama’s BBQ has the BEST cakes!

We had a big ball of saran wrap that contained 25 presents & lots of candy. One person starts unrolling while another tries to roll a double. You keep all the goodies that fall out. When a double is rolled, the ball has to be passed. Fun!

We volunteering.