Mind Calming Watercolor Activity

Mind Calming Watercolor Activity



Watercolor paper
Watercolor paints
Black pens/fine tip markers



This is an activity to teach people how to relax their brain when they are overwhelmed with emotion.
Watercolors and paper are fairly inexpensive, so this is a great go to coping strategy.

Have your group choose colors that make them happy or colors that remind them of happy memories. 
Saturate the paint brush with paint and apply it to the paper, allowing it to bleed or run in all directions.



Fill the paper with color by adding splotches of paint all over the paper and allowing them to run.

Then, with a black pen or fine tip marker, trace the shapes that the paint has made.



By the time this project is complete, the brain has relaxed, the focus has been on happy colors or memories,

and the result is a beautiful piece of art!



Click here for the printable instructions