May News


Balanced Living


Attention Ladies: “BALANCED LIVING” is coming to NEW LIFE!


Tamra Christiansen invites you to join her and her team on Saturday, May 11th from 8:15 am to 12noon as they bring a day of pampering and learning to live a balanced life to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake)! Have fun learning yoga, getting manicures, eating healthy snacks, and beauty tips for facials and makeup application with the girls!


If you would like to join us on May 11th, RSVP to Tamra Christiansen at tamralynn75@gmail.com. We need to hear from you soon!


Chicktime April Was A Blast!


Thank you Liz and Katy Barger for hosting a fantastic day of science experiments… and to all the women who led stations! The girls of New Life and all of the volunteers had so much fun! We had a full house with almost all of our 80 New Life girls in attendance along with over 30 volunteers! It is hard to describe days like this one… in the end… the best way to put it is to say that we ALL got to feel like a kid again… and for the girls of New Life… being a kid is something very foreign. Most have had to assume the role of ‘adult’ over their own lives as well as younger siblings because their parental influence is so lacking. Many of their parents are in prison for what they have done to them… but these girls are the lucky ones. They are safe and on their way to a new life… filled with days like this one that allowed them to play, and dream, and just enjoy life for a change! photo

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