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Being open is not an easy thing. It’s actually one of the most difficult tasks to do, especially when you have been dealt so much pain and dissonance between you and those who are meant to love and care for you. These girls who we care about at Casa delivers me and all of us the opportunity to be open to every situation and person that comes into our lives. It is scary and painful to enlist in the activities that make you see who you truly are and let love in and out. It’s as if each time you have been conditioned to be hurt by those who you let in. I practiced for so long to let nothing in because it was better than being let down again and again. The thing is you attract what you are. What you put out there. If you are not vulnerable you are going to attract that. So the choice you have is now to let love in and be everything you are meant to be without being afraid of being hurt. Let God in your heart and have him dwell there to fill the void of openness and deliver your disappointment with joy, compassion and truth. With him nothing will stand against. We were created to live in his presence and share that with others. This is why we are here at Chicktime to share love, passion, and positivity with these girls who have no support and direction to happiness as they should have had with their original kin.

Thank you ladies for all showing up and being a part of Chicktime this month. The Zumba Sisters- Lisa Patton and Trish Calenzo- and Angie McGliam  a special thank you for coming and sharing your passions with us and the girls at Casa. It was an amazing event and would have not been the same without you ladies. We had so much fun.