May News

Did you know?  A child in Arizona is abused or neglected every hour.
Over 7,500 children in Arizona last year had to leave home due to reports of child abuse (Arizona Department of Economic Security Child Welfare Report). Approximately 30% of all of these reports were of physical abuse; the rest were emotional abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse. Even though each child’s situation is very different, they all had one significant common factor; 100% could have been prevented.


Our hope is to one day find the wings at the Child Crisis Center completely empty.  Until then, we are in desperate need of volunteers to come spend time with the children at the Center…our children from our communities…who deserve so much better than what they have been dealt.  Come sit with them, talk with them, laugh with them, and on May 17th – SING WITH THEM!


On May 17th, we are absolutely thrilled to have CHICKS WITH PICKS coming to the Center.  Our Chicktime group will have both the Middlers and the Big Kids this night, so we are in need of extra help (double our usual number).


Please RSVP to Stacy if you would like to volunteer this night.  boltmans3@cox.net.

5/17/14   5:45pm – 7pm

All events are held at CCC.

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