May News

April Highlights
 Fizzy, foamy, cold, bubbly, clucky, slimy, all words to describe the fun and interesting science experiments the New Life girls experienced in April.  Special thanks to Christine Warzecha from Smithson Valley High School for helping plan the day and along with Katy Barger leading the DNA extraction station.    This experiment was especially interesting.  The slimy DNA that was extracted from strawberries intrigued the girls.  Katie Arp, also a teacher at Smithson Valley High School helped with the “elephant toothpaste”.   The combination of peroxide and yeast along with colorful food die made foam ooze out of a water bottle.  Included at that station were Nancy Guajardo and Tiffany Barger making soapy bubbles with dry ice and also fizzy lemonade.  Allie and Savannah from the Smithson Valley H.S. FACS class along with Sandra Hatchett demonstrated instruments made by science class students, then the fun activity of making “Chicken In A Cup”.   Funny chicken sounds can be made from a plastic cup and some string.   Energy was in abundance in the Life Skills building as the girls made their own personal ice cream and enjoyed Easter cookies.  Thanks to Laura Sowell and Ashley Mann for leading the ice cream station.
The day was filled with energy and friendship as over 40 volunteers joined the leader for April, Liz Barger at New Life.  There were many leaders in training there to experience the event and enjoy time with the girls.  Thanks to these leaders for spreading the joy of Chicktime throughout the country:  Lindsay All and Arron Lazarski- Lancaster, South Carolina; Lorena Avillaneda, Vicky Carreon, Bee Ramirez, Sarah Garay, Bethany Garay- Katy, TX; Monica Blevins- Allen, TX; Dawn Gayden- San Antonio Central.
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