May Highlights!

May brought fun and creativity through amazing new friendships at The Krause Center! We learned how to make lip gloss out of crayons and had an exciting volleyball clinic as we kicked off our first Chicktime with The Krause Center.


During the lip gloss station, the girls warmly welcomed us and were extremely excited to exercise their creativity in creating a unique color and giving it a unique name! They were so proud of their creation that they did not hesitate to rock their gold, pink, blue, or red lips right after the mixture became solid. Although some of the girls were hesitant to participate physically in our volleyball clinic, they enjoyed themselves while watching and cheering for the teams. The girls that were in the midst of the action showed such quick improvement in their volleyball skills from beginning to end. It is so great to see the girls become so proud of what they create and to discover their potentials in everything they do. We are so blessed to serve these beautiful girls.


I want to thank all of our volunteers that came out and really made this an incredible experience for not just us but for our beautiful Krause girls! It is thanks to our volunteers that we can have successful and fun activities! We love you all so very much and want to be able to experience this with you all every month! And as always save the date for June 14th!!