March News

-The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment- You create a good future by creating a good present.-Eckhart Tolle


made in italy


The pricks of the fake grass blades ran a scratchy sensation under my legs as I sat down. It triggered my racing thoughts into submission, transcending me into the present of just being. So much of the time life can be a race to getting to the next best thing. Never stopping to realize what we are experiencing and have in the moment is just as important as what we are working for in the future. Those challenging moments and uncomfortable trials that we wish to be delivered from is the foundation of which we build our dreams on. If we fully enjoy those moments and put them into perspective; they are the catalyst to everything that we will achieve, maybe we can enjoy life just that much more.


I can sometimes get ahead of myself. Thinking so much in the future of the worldly desires I want to achieve. Driving a black IS250 Lexus, being a successful content creator, and having the financial freedom to serve people and travel with all my time can keep my imagination active for hours. Putting me on auto pilot throughout the day it can cause me to lose purpose and meaning in what I am doing in that moment. The people we engage with, the moments of love we have to share with one another isn’t that what life is about? Even if your time spent in the day takes your focus onto a computer screen answering emails and corresponding over a telephone with others do you have the drive to be in the present and enjoy the task at hand? Or are you thinking about the end result? Being attached to an outcome we fixate on can be harmful when we are not mindful in the steps of creating that vision. There’s nothing wrong with setting a plan, its best that you do, but don’t forget the means to the end are the most meaningful. For me I remember when my plans don’t happen as I worked them to be I can always focus on God for acceptance and peace because he is always constant and brings me up in where I fall short. I discovered he is found in the present moment.


Ladies thank you for the love and presence that you served the girls at Casa with at this event.  It means so much to me that you have gracious hearts. You make such a huge impact on these girls who need it the most.