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Wow another event put into play and it was fabulous! Thank you Jr. League and Jen Steiger for coordinating, all the food, wonderful body scrub, face masks and nail painting materials. It was such a blast to have some quality Chicktime! Life is beautiful and all of you women who came to experience Valentines day with the girls at Casa thank you for your open hearts and generosity of sharing your beautiful life with them. I am trying to think of a specific moment to reflect on, but the day was filled with so much laughter, kindness, grace, and love. My favorite memory of the day that we captured, was when one of the girls we suggested to belt out Whitney Houston’s “I will Always” song for a photo opt. It just reminded me to always have fun, spontaneous and be lighthearted in the moment. It is amazing what we learn from the girls too. They are so wonderful and special! I pray for all of their happiness and well being.

At the very end of the event you could tell that the girls were lifted up with warmth and love. I am so grateful to lead such a fantastic community of women who have the purpose of healing brokenness of our female youth and building them up to be women who are happy, whole, confident, and self esteemed individuals.

I love you all and I hope that you keep on enfolding your own passions, and looking into yourself for your authenticity and power as a woman!

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”-Jack Canfield

You are all dear to my heart. “Looking forward to seeing you at the next event.