March News


February Highlights

The first time you attend Chicktime at New Life you might feel a little overwhelmed, or somewhat uneasy with what’s about to unfold.  The girls may start off the morning a little stand offish, taking their time to warm up to us as we start our activities.  As the day progresses you find the girls opening up and having fun at each station as they participate in the activities that we have planned for them.  When you return the next month to join in our time with the girls you find that you become more engaged with the girls than you were the time before, and month after month your sense of belonging grows as does the affection you will receive as the girls get to know you and build a rapport with you.


February brought us several first time volunteers from the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church.  The month’s activities were hosted by Sandra Hatchett, thank you Sandra for the fun and engaging activities.  As the girls rotated through the 4 stations, they were met with a variety of experiences.  At the Café we made “He’s got the whole world in his hands” foam crafts.  Susan Kiehnau led the activity and also provided us with fruit and a biblical lesson, thank you Susan for an inspiring activity.


In the Gym we were met with really fun games led by Phyllis Woods.  We played “name that tune”, “name that celebrity” and ran an obstacle course in high heels and boas, thanks to Phyllis for such an entertaining time in the gym and for the skittles.


Next it was off to the Chapel where Helen Wiley taught us how to ring hand chimes.  Each of us was provided one chime that rang a specific note.   By following the words on the page, we knew when to ring our tone to accompany our singing.  We certainly appreciated Helen’s musical talents!


Finally, to the Life Skills building where Stephanie Alton provided all the materials for us to make Valentine’s Day cards for a nursing home near the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church.  We made a variety of cards with beautiful paper and wrote a note in each one.  I am sure the residents of the nursing home had a happy Valentine’s Day thanks to Stephanie and the girls hand crafted cards. 


We are thankful for all the volunteers that came to New Life in February to help bring some fun and love to the girls.