March Highlights


We had an AWESOME time this month with the girls of St. PJ’s! Our activity was hosted by Ms. Steph of Steph’s Line Dancing. Ms. Steph taught us four line dances: Cupid Shuffle; the Wobble; Dade County Dip; Bunny Hop; and L’Argent. Steph made sure we understood the steps before the music started playing. When Ms. Steph said “GO TO WORK” that meant you better dance and shake what your momma gave you! There was a moment when Ms. Steph was not impressed with our free style moves….so screech music stops and she reiterated what “GO TO WORK” meant, we regrouped and WENT TO WORK, lol! A few of the St.PJ’s staff also joined in for the fun. The girls loved it!


We also had a special appearance by Miss Earth Eco USA. She helped translate Ms. Steph’s dance instructions to our Spanish speaking girls.


Our snack was graciously provided by Ms. Lori and her daughter Rachel, which consisted of DELICIOUS rice krispies treats (that were on a whole other level), along with juice and water. (Thank you Ms. Lori and Rachel!)


Thank you again Ms. Steph and her friends for leading our activity this month! Finally, thank you to ALL our volunteers that came out and line danced with the girls of St. PJ’s. We hope to see you at next month’s event!