March Highlights

Thank you Kathy & Cindy for leading the Team Building events for the Big Kids!  Also thank you to Cheryl, Joey, Angie and Daniel for showing up to play with the kiddos!  I heard it was a great event.  Here are some of the highlights of the games they played:

* Rock, paper, scissors, with a twist…THE KIDS LOVED  egg, bird, dinosaur then king or queen. 

* Stand in line holding a cup and straw and passed smarties to the next kids cup…they loved this one! 

* Blindfolded a partner and the other partner had to give directions on where to go to pick up item.

* Hot chocolate game…where the kids had to cross over stepping on little markers as a team.  Very FUN!


Don’t forget the upcoming Child Crisis Center Gala on April 12th, Saturday.   We have a table of 10 being held for Chicktime – get your RSVP in by the end of day tomorrow as it’s LAST CALL.

CCC Fiesta in the Tropics


Tickets are normally $175 — but Chicktime Mesa is offering the tickets at a reduced cost of $100.  First come, first served!  Hope to see you there!