Marble Dipped Mugs



Aluminum Foil Casserole Pans

Nail Polish

Drying Rack or Skewers to sit jugs on to dry

Paper towels to catch dripping





  1. Fill  a disposable pan (or something you don’t mind getting permanently colored by nail polish) 2 – 3″ full with warm water.
    Add more or less depending on how high on your mug you’d like the color to reach.
  2. Make a mark on the inside of your pan to indicate the water level so you can fill it to the same spot each time if you’re making multiple mugs.
  3. Then, add your nail polish! Pour it onto the surface of the water, adding more or less depending on if you’d like more or less white to show through your marble pattern.
  4. Working super quickly, use a toothpick or skewer to swirl the nail polish across the surface of the water to help create the marble effect, but don’t think too hard about it! You don’t want to drive yourself crazy overcomplicating a simple process and you want to move quick so the nail polish doesn’t set up on the water.
  5. Moving equally as quick, the next step is to dunk your mug into the nail polish water. Go straight down and straight up to achieve the dipped look.
  6. Move the mug to a protected surface to dry completely, avoiding rubbing the surface of the mug until completely dry. I prefer to sit mine on top of a something to elevate it a little bit (such as a couple skewers) so it doesn’t stick to the surface it’s drying on, and I let them sit and dry overnight before touching them again.
  7. Once dry, a super light and thin coat of dishwasher safe ModPodge  and your mugs will be protected when washing, too! (But hand washing to be safe is never a bad idea.)


** Extra Notes
For each mug you’ll need to dump the water and start over, regardless of whether or not you’re changing color. Because the nail polish will start to set up on top of the water, it will be too thick and gloppy to get more than one dip at a time. Other than that it’s a simple process of swirling and dunking! 



Here are the printable instructions for this awesome art project!