The first stop on this year’s #lovetrip was to visit Chicktime Ft Worth for a fun dinner! Lori and the girls got to share in a beautiful evening of love, laughter, and friendship! #chicktime #girlsnightout #dayone



Next up for our jet settin’ Lori was a trip to visit Chicktime Jackson! Not only did they enjoy a sweet lunch together but Lori also got to attend their weekly Bible study @ their charity partner Canopy Children’s Solutions! How fun!!!!

#wheretwoorthreearegathered #iLoveChicktime

Next, it was time to for Lori to #dolifebig with the Dothan chicks! There’s nothing like good food and good fellowship with your favorite people!!

From here, Ashley joined the road trip… you know selfies galore were sure to follow for the rest of the trip! This is Ash and Lori at a cool BBQ joint in Gainesville!

#beachselfies #beachhums #beachlife

We ended this day’s trip with a sweet dinner in Ft Myers with Michele and some of her sweet volunteers!

The hotel must have done some digging and knew about our love for  because they are everywhere!!!!

Next on the agenda, was lunch with some pretty incredible women! We stopped for a healthy (and super yummy) lunch with Chicktime Naples. After so many precious phone conversations during her training, it was such a joy to meet Crystal in person! We also got to meet and chat with Path2Freedom’s President, Ana Stevenson, which was just amazing! 

A Hug From Ed:

Mr. Ed and his wife have been taking in God’s children for nearly 30 years and giving them a place to call home. They have watched as over 350 broken children have been adopted into their forever homes. Ed is a young 80-something and while we visited today, he tinkered with and he tinkered with that until it was fixed. You could feel his love for these children and their restoration just radiating through him!!!

Dear Caleb, Josiah, Matthew, Rome, Drew, and Daniel…

We pray that you left this home knowing the calming peace of Jesus’ love. We pray that you while you were here, you knew that you were safe. Wherever you are today, we pray you are smiling!

Meet Valiente & Timely. They ares pretty special. They live on a beautiful piece of land that is home to children who are in need of love and care and are part of their Equestrian Therapy program and because of them lots of hurting little hearts get healed a little more everyday! 

On Friday, we found ourselves in Spring Hill where we got to have dinner with Jenny, Emily, and Amy! Oh, what a special group of women!!

Finally, on Saturday, we woke up bright and early to go do Chicktime with the Spring Hill Chicks at their Charity Partner, New Beginnings Youth Shelter.



The word ‘hope’ kept popping up everywhere we went during this trip and it was such a fantastic reminder that Chicktime exists because so many feel that they do not have hope. 

Run to the arms of the one who loves you. Hope is found there!

We shared this story on our social media and we think it should have a home here as well as it really puts what Chicktime does in perspective for those that might be thinking about joining us someday!

“She was sitting in the corner of the room when we arrived for Chicktime today. Her hair was brown and her eyes were heavy as if she had been carrying around her pain for a hundred years. You could tell today was not a good day. Her lips… as if they had been frowning all her life.

I watched her quietly for a few moments. As we began the day’s activities and the longer we were there, I saw her anger begin to slowly fade away. Almost as if a Phoenix was rising up from the ashes from where it once was. At first, she was slow to engage. I just kept thinking, “She probably has the voice of angel and when she finally uses it, all the world will know her name.”

As she continued to emerge from her shell and let us into her world, I saw the change happening right in front me. She smiled and my heart sang a sweet hymn. This precious child who has spent her whole life building walls around her heart was laughing and participating in the days activities.

This is Chicktime. This is the power of sharing God’s love with all we encounter. This precious child has no idea that she is worth more than rubies but the more that we pour into her, the sooner she will realize it.

So many children, so little time, but His work will be done!”

We are so excited to see where the #LoveTour2018 will take us next!