Let’s Fill Some Wish Lists!!

November Update:

Chicktime San Antonio was jammed packed this morning with crafts, snacks and games thanks to our fabulous workshop leader, Jeanne Schaefer! Each of the girls created their own Thanksgiving centerpiece using Mod Podge, small glass bottles, and tissue paper! They all turned out so beautiful! They made “oreo” turkeys with icing, redhot candies, whoppers, candy corn and peanut butter cups! Can we get a YUM! YUM! After that Jeanne had Five( yes, I said Five) minute to win it games! The first game was to see who could eat a footlong fruit rollup the fastest hanging out of their mouth and hands behind their back! One of the house parents almost won! The second game was “Cookie Face”! Each girl placed an oreo on their forehead and had to work it down only using their face muscles to get it to thier mouths! The third game was “Suck It Up” using a straw to suck m&m’s from a plate to a cup tyring to see who can get the most in a minute! The fourth game they played was “Snowball Toss” where one girl tossed mini marshmellows in a cup her partner was holding. The last game was ” balloon tennis” using partners to see how many hits each team could get to in a minute! So much FUN!! Jeanne prepared blessing mix bags for each of the girls and explained what each item in the bag represented. She made enough for the girls to take one to give to someone special in thier life and Chicktime was able to leave a bag full for the staff at Boysville to say thank you for caring for all the precious children who are placed in this incredible Children’s Home. We ended our time in a group circle letting the girls know how much we love them and as always we prayed with them!

If you can help us “sponsor” some girls for Christmas and help us fill their wish lists please let us know! We want nothing more than the girls we come to visit each month to know Christmas!

All our love,

Chicktime San Antonio