June News

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May Highlights

3rd Annual Water Fiesta – or Dunk-A-Chick Day


On Saturday, May 18th, Chicktime leader Lupita Zamora organized a fun-filled afternoon for eleven Angels from the Rio Grande Valley Children’s Home at the 3rd Annual Water Fiesta.  The children had a grand time enjoying their Water Wings at the Tanglewood Pool.


5 Merry Girls and 6 Energetic Boys had loads of fun:

☺    splashing each other and trying to Dunk a Chick;

☺    chasing and tossing rubber Duckies;

☺    throwing rubber balls back and forth; and

☺    trying to whack their new Activities Director (Roger Salazar) in the head with the ball — only he would suddenly submerge under water, and reappear with three boys patiently waiting to get him.


After frolicking in the water, dunking a Chick, and joining in the Blessing by Pastor Manuel Garcia, the children enjoyed a tasty and healthy snack of fresh fruit, sugar worms, crackers, juice boxes and bottled water.


We are very grateful to the McAllen Country Club, especially Taylor Risica, for providing a Lifeguard to protect the children and ensure that none of the Senior Chicks drowned.


A very Happy and cool time were had by all at the 3rd Annual Water Fiesta; and every one of the sugar worms put smiles on the little Angels’ faces.


We want to welcome Sharon Brown as the newest Chick in the Mission Rio Grande Valley Chapter.


The Chicks enjoying this event were:

Echo Richardson

Lupita Zamora

Tamara Sanchez

Andy Mozynski

Sharon Brown