June News



May Update

A big thank you to Anna Scott for putting together a fun day for all of us.  She created 4 really engaging stations that the girls enjoyed.  Nicole Kelly along with Anna ran the Lotion/Lip Gloss Station.  The girls loved the smell of the lotion but couldn’t quite agree on what it smelled like.  I say coconut.  They decorated the lip gloss and lotion containers with stickers and glitter tape.  In the Chapel Andrea Bolognini taught us how to make origami swans.  They were very pretty and not too difficult to make.  Our hosts in the Gym, Kim and McKenna Wheeler, showed us how to make stretchy beaded bracelets.  Always a favorite for the New Life girls.  Finally we enjoyed delicious sugar cookies made by Karen Bloomquist who was the leader for the snack station.  She made the cookies in the shape of a hand which perfectly matched the theme for the day.  The girls had numerous choices of sweet goodness with which to decorate their cookies.  It was a beautiful day at New Life!