June Highlights

Thank you Joey for a great “Backyard Camping” event!   The kids LOVED this event and we absolutely appreciate all the time and effort you put into making this a success!


Thank you to the volunteers that helped keep the “fire” burning and encouraging the kiddos as they built their camp fires.  


We couldn’t do what we do without all the volunteers!   🙂 


Stacy & Cheryl 


Save the Date Mesa Chicks!  

Saturday June 20th for some “Backyard Camping” with the Big Kids.

Joey is our monthly leader and she has some great activities planned:

  • Tent Set Up
  • Build a “Fire” (faux fire craft)
  • Sing some campfire songs and do some group story-telling
  • Charades
  • And last but not least –  you can’t have a real “camp-out” without S’Mores – so we will end the evening with a favorite treat

Want to join in the fun?  Please RSVP to Stacy if you can make it at:  boltmans3@cox.net 

faux fire