June News

Chicktime Mission RGV encourages our volunteers to call the Rio Grande Valley Children’s home directly to volunteer over the summer. One of our members is hosting several pool parties for the kiddos throughout the summer. If you would like to help out with that ask for Roger when you call the Children’s Home. We will resume our regular schedule this fall.



May Event Highlights


Thank you to Lupita Zamora for hosting the May Chicktime event. The pool party for the RGV children’s home was a hit….


On Saturday 17th, 2014 Chicktime hosted the Rio Grande Children’s home at the Tanglewood subdivision.


It was a perfect day to be at the pool…..the valley sun and just a small breeze.


The children and, Roger Salazar, the activities coordinator quickly took a dip in the pool. The house parents Ericka and Ricardo didn’t come prepared to go into the pool…..but they could not resist and went back to the house for a change of clothes.  Everyone enjoyed tossing the floating balls at each other and seeing who could dive underwater the fastest to retrieve the sink toys.


After working up an appetite everyone got out to have some “yummy” pizza.  They each got a large beach towel to rap around themselves while devouring several slices of pizza. After eating their fill of pizza and chit chatting for about 20 minutes….it was time for the pool again.


All the time we were under the watchful eye of our lifeguard, Alex Loya. He stood and watched every move for three hours. He even refused to eat and drink until everyone was out of the pool.


When it was time to leave the kids (and adults) gave a big sigh and unwillingly got out of the pool. But were content to sit down and have a couple more slices of pizza and chit chat a little more.


Everyone left with a big smile and I left with heart filled with joy.


(post submitted by Lupita Zamora)