June News


May Update


May brought educational opportunities for the girls of New Life that will help them as they go forward in the world to start their first jobs and move toward an independent lifestyle. The women of WeLead, Women Executives Leading Empowering And Developing that is San Antonio’s National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) affiliate led the stations this month. The mission of WeLead is to provide business and personal growth through education, relationship building and community resource development in an atmosphere of mutual respect and integrity.


Ashley Gwilliam led the resume writing station. Here the girls learned about what they can put on their resumes when they are ready to start their first job search. Even as students, there are many things they can share on their resume that will highlight their skills and experience.


Alicia Gwilliam, a Sr. Sales Director for Mary Kay taught the girls about the best use of make-up to present themselves in a clean, healthy looking, and professional manner.


Jacqueline Jackson led the station about interview skills. The girls shared their ideas and stories and Jacqueline shared how these experiences could be expressed in an interview setting.


Michele Bussone educated the girls about budgeting, which really opened their eyes to the cost of living on your own. While we worked on our budgeting worksheets, Tiffany Tremont served delicious s’mores.


Special thanks goes to Chris Slowey and Heather Slowey for organizing all the stations.