June News

Come join us Clarksville Chicks on June 4th for arts and crafts with our chick Mignon!! Should be a great time to hang out with our wonderful kids at Salvation Army!!


May Highlights

All The ladies had a wonderful time at the May event! We had some issues in the beginning when we found out our leader was missing so several members came together to lead! I was thrilled to see Aubre come up with a great on the spot idea to create Mother’s Day cards to celebrate with their mom’s! It was great to see the sweet messages and all the care they took in creating them. To end the evening, one of our younger members led the kids in games which was the highlight of the night for the kids! It was another wonderful night for our volunteers and children! Also on May 19th, chapter found Ainsley Watkins got to meet the chapter leaders of Ghana, Africa! The leaders of the Ghana chapters explained that their chapters focus on empowering women in their communities by teaching job training, manners, public speaking, sex education, and other related skill sets and lessons! The chapters present at schools, churches, and community centers with the goal of promoting the moral integrity of women all over Ghana.¬†Ainsley reports that the experience was surreal and that it was such an honor to be able to meet like-minded chicks with the same goals and passions on the opposite side of the world.