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June 2015 Invite


In starting this chapter I was not free to be transparent and truly who I was. I did not know how to open up. There was always an abundance of love in my heart but I did not have the key to open the lock and release that love. For me the experience of Chicktime has bestowed this key; vulnerability. What is the recipe for having this key? Surrender. Surrendering yourself from the image you permeate as success. Instead of living up to the ideals of success that society perpetuates, look in the mirror to see the honest reflection of your beauty.  By doing this you can free yourself from any expectations and be just as you are. There is something so liberating in recognizing that you alone have the power to have the life you desire. You just have to be authentic and live with integrity and purpose in that you are worthy of everything good.

I feel as Women of Chicktime. We live like this on a daily basis. I feel so grateful to have woman who come together despite our differences and see the grace and kindness through a community who supports the girls that need this love so much.

The event was such a reflection of this. The first months coming to Chicktime it was a struggle for the girls at Casa to know that these women were committed to making one Saturday of the month about them.

Thanks for making a difference in these girls lives. As it fills our souls and fuels our passions, it lifts these girls up and empowers them to open up too.

I love you all!

I Cannot wait to see you next month.

<3 Phoenix