July News



June Update

What a great experience this month at Chicktime.  We had three fun and fabulous activities.  Thank you Cora for leading the workshop called My Amazing Self.  Here we set the stage for each girl to picture herself as a successful grown woman and what would she say to the girls at New Life when she came back to bring her message.  Each girl crafted her message and walked up on stage to deliver a powerful statement that engaged everyone in the room.  We mixed in a little creativity with Mindy’s butterfly box station.  The girls really enjoyed decorating butterfly shaped boxes with glitter, pom poms and other crafty accessories.  Finally, always a favorite is make your own ice cream and decorating cookies led by Carolyn.  The ice cream always turns out delicious when you make it from scratch.  We decorated butterfly cookies with blue berries and strawberries.  Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who came to spend the day with the girls at New Life.